07-21 Toyota Tundra Tuning (Contact for Info)


Requires HP Tuners/MPVI OBD2 hardware.

Email [email protected] for more information, tuning done on a case by case basis.

I am NOT a professional tuner, if you want the most horsepower and to show off dyno numbers there are better tuners out there.

My tuning approach was developed from wanting to learn how to do it myself and not be reliant on others to make tweaks to my tune. Through research, looking at tunes, and talking to people I incorporate everything I learned into what's essentially a combination tune and tuning class for the Toyota Tundra. I provide what I always wanted, an open tune and discussion so you can learn how to tune your own vehicle (if you want) and at a minimum receive a reliable tune and understanding of what was changed and why.


My focus:

-Unlocked tune
-Helping you understand what is being changed and why, you should fully understand what has been changed since its your truck
-Support and updates for future modifications
-Providing datalogging channels and layouts and working through datalogs with you so you understand what I'm looking for and why I think things should change
-Helping you make changes if you want to learn how to tune the truck yourself

If you want me to tune your Tundra and never worry about it again, we can do that. If you want a solid tune that's unlocked and to learn how to do it yourself and use the tune as a jumping point that works too! At the end of the day, being open and transparent and helping get your truck running best is the goal.


What do I change?
-MAF values
-Torque limits
-Secondary air fault limits
-Low range limits
-Intake/exhaust camshaft timing
-Injector values
-Cylinder multis
-Power enrichment
-Rev limit
-Ignition timing
-Cylinder spark offsets
-Knock retard learn
-Transmission shift points
-Transmission line pressure
-Torque reduction
-Torque model
-Tire size
-Speed limiter
-Differential gearing


What do you receive?
-Unlocked tune with multiple iterations to dial it in
-Instructions on how to use HP Tuners
-Datalogging channels
-Datalogging layout (make data useful and easy to understand)
-Changelog from tune to tune
-Datalog analysis explaining what I'm looking at in the logs

Tuning is for offroad/racing use ONLY!

Email [email protected] for more information.